About Us


Launched in 2017 by Matthew Moore in Chicago, IL.

“The goal has been and will always be to provide original and limited edition art from emerging talent in a very customer friendly way”. A gallery can be a stuffy place. Here you can view gallery quality art in your pajamas (if you choose to do so). Artist Replete is a place to find more than just something cool to fill your wall. It’s a place to find the next big artist before everyone else does. We also try to steer clear of any traditional gallery rules. Almost every gallery in the U.S does a 50/50 split when an art piece is purchased. Here the artist earns more. Whether you need a mural for the side of your business, a commissioned painting, or customized apparel; this is a one-stop shop from a brand that will continue to evolve. This brand brings a closer connection between the artist and the buyer online.