Artist Replete is a platform that launched in September 2017, featuring artists throughout the United States and later… Europe. It was created with a sense of philanthropy towards emerging artists, those with experience searching for recognition. Currently, most creatives striving for success are left with two options; selling their work themselves or dealing with the corporate structure of an art gallery. For those unaware, most renowned art galleries in the U.S. take a whopping 50% commission during a transaction and some hold artists in a contractual agreement, so they can’t sell elsewhere. Sound like a good industry to get involved with? Not if you’re an artist trying to get ahead in life. There are galleries out there that are generous enough to take 40%, however, that still leaves the artist with 60%, a failing grade. By accepting less & not conforming to these traditional business practices, a healthier environment for an artist to grow is created. The world is always changing for the better and the way art is viewed, purchased and sold should change too…

Some Traditions Were Made to Be Broken