Author - Matthew Moore

Take A Tour of the Latest Exhibition by Jenny Vyas “PURGE”

On Friday May 24th, Jenny Vyas debuted a stunning new collection of work curated by Jacquelyn Trezzo. The exhibition titled "PURGE" took place in the newly remodeled event space on the second floor at Fulton Market Kitchen. As Jenny puts it... "The exhibit concentrates on shedding negative patterns in our lives."   Although the exhibition won't be up for much longer, Artist Replete recently took a private tour. Now for your viewing pleasure... here it is ... PURGE   " REQUIEM " Into the darkness they go. The wise [...]

Street Art Sensation Bulk Styles does “Whatever It Takes”

Mark Bulks better known as "Bulk Styles" has been involved with graffiti for a long time now. However, he didn't begin looking at things from a serious business perspective until 2016. The south Florida street artist now has a packed schedule and is currently creating multiple new murals monthly.   It never hurts to have a celebrity fan base either.  Even with his new found success, Bulk never loses sight of how difficult things once were for him. He makes sure to [...]

Padame One - Art


When you think of street art, the words "glitch" and "photography" aren't the first things that come to mind. For French Artist, Padame One they are the focal point of his work. Located in the city of Rouen France (north of Paris) Padame's artwork is consider by locals to be "the most attractive street art in the area." His love for photography began in 2012, when a close friend of his purchased a camera. "I experimented with different software [...]

How The Art Business is Changing – 2019

Before the age of social media, if you wanted to buy original work from an emerging or renowned artist, you had to go to a gallery. While the same principal is followed by many today, over the past decade the online world has dramatically changed things. Today we're steadily seeing artists become more independent. We're also seeing more artwork gradually sold online each year. In 2018 mobile phone art sales rose by 20% with the majority of buyers citing [...]

Using Negative Emotions As Leverage: Remarkable Artist, Jenny Vyas

Chicago based artist Jenny Vyas by no means followed a traditional path to get her to where she is today. When one door closed, a new one had to be created. Her voyage in art began during 2014 when a relationship went south and an overwhelming feeling to make a life change took over. "During that period of healing, all I could dream about was painting. Having never painted before, you can imagine how daunting this pull was for [...]