A Behind the Scenes Look at One of the Largest Murals in Pilsen, Chicago

Last month, emerging artist Raul Ramirez, better known as Rawooh, created some powerful new street art in Chicago. The exact location in Pilsen, Chicago was selected personally by Artist Replete.  It was during a conversation that took place months prior, that Rawooh created another piece in reference to the Avengers character Nebula. Located on the cross streets of W. 21st St. & S. Allport St. also in Pilsen, Chicago. While in the process of finishing the work we had a conversation [...]

Chicago muralist - Dwight White

Chicago Artist Dwight White Gets “Hit With A Purpose”

To many, Dwight White was always destined for greatness, however, in the beginning it was not about art at all. Being the son of two extremely athletic parents in Texas, his life seemed predetermined. He was going to be a top tier athlete. Starting at the age of seven, his day to day revolved heavily around two things; football and school. On rare occasions, Dwight would have some down time in between. He often used this time to draw. [...]

colorblind artist

Colorblind Street Artist GOMAD Creates A Feast for the Eyes

While 1 out of 12 men are colorblind, this ratio dramatically changes with how many colorblind artists exist. Now take that number & put it through a filter of how many are actually successful. Filter that number one more time with the amount of successful street artists who are colorblind. What you have left is a rarity by the name of Marcus GOMAD Debie.  Eindhoven, Netherlands   Like many others who are colorblind, the 46 year old South Holland native was born [...]

The OG – Interview w/ Street Artist & Curator: ReviseCMW

In between a schedule that would make most feel overwhelmed, Artist Replete was able to sit down with a very unique artist. We are using the word "artist" in a general form for this interview. This is because Won Kim aka ReviseCMW doesn't stop creating. Won is a creator in various ways; from the menu at Kimski (as the Head Chef) to Djing weekly events, all while squeezing in time to paint when he can, the list goes on. Surprisingly, through it all [...]

A New Approach to the Chicago Art Scene – ‘REVERIE’ Recap

For this blog we're joined by guest writer Kyle Lilly. Make sure to check out his blog for more information about Chicago art culture and rising talent within the city. Kyle joined us to give a behind the scenes look and an unbiased opinion on our recent show 'REVERIE'. This was the first solo exhibition by Chicago artist Rawooh.  I have always been a fan of modern and street art. A question that has been on my mind is "what goes into the making of an [...]

Chicago’s First All Glass Mural Is Up For The Summer

In anticipation for Bastille Day, Sofitel Hotel decided to celebrate the French Holiday in a big way. They set out to find an artist to encapsulate their 50+ year old brand. It's important that the artwork would be a good representation of French and Chicago culture fused together as one. This required an artist with a certain aesthetic. One who appreciates French culture, but has some edginess in their work. The hunt for the right artist ended when they discovered [...]

Chicago artist Rawooh

Chicago Artist RAWOOH Debuts First Solo Show Ever: July 20th

If you're asked to label the current style of Chicago graffiti artist Rawooh, you'd have a very difficult time. Reason being is because there really isn't a style out there quite like his. The dreamlike atmospheres found in his work have the ability to make even those who rarely pay attention to art, suddenly have trouble looking away.    Sneak Peek of a Work in Progress   A journey that began over 15 years ago has now brought him to a pinnacle point in [...]

Take A Tour of the Latest Exhibition by Jenny Vyas “PURGE”

On Friday May 24th, Jenny Vyas debuted a stunning new collection of work curated by Jacquelyn Trezzo. The exhibition titled "PURGE" took place in the newly remodeled event space on the second floor at Fulton Market Kitchen. As Jenny puts it... "The exhibit concentrates on shedding negative patterns in our lives."   Although the exhibition won't be up for much longer, Artist Replete recently took a private tour. Now for your viewing pleasure... here it is ... PURGE   " REQUIEM " Into the darkness they go. The wise [...]

Street Art Sensation Bulk Styles does “Whatever It Takes”

Mark Bulks better known as "Bulk Styles" has been involved with graffiti for a long time now. However, he didn't begin looking at things from a serious business perspective until 2016. The south Florida street artist now has a packed schedule and is currently creating multiple new murals monthly.   It never hurts to have a celebrity fan base either.  Even with his new found success, Bulk never loses sight of how difficult things once were for him. He makes sure to [...]

Padame One - Art


When you think of street art, the words "glitch" and "photography" aren't the first things that come to mind. For French Artist, Padame One they are the focal point of his work. Located in the city of Rouen France (north of Paris) Padame's artwork is consider by locals to be "the most attractive street art in the area." His love for photography began in 2012, when a close friend of his purchased a camera. "I experimented with different software [...]

Using Negative Emotions As Leverage: Remarkable Artist, Jenny Vyas

Chicago based artist Jenny Vyas by no means followed a traditional path to get her to where she is today. When one door closed, a new one had to be created. Her voyage in art began during 2014 when a relationship went south and an overwhelming feeling to make a life change took over. "During that period of healing, all I could dream about was painting. Having never painted before, you can imagine how daunting this pull was for [...]

Where To Find Amazing Murals in Chicago

After speaking about street art in Chicago from our last post (10 Midwest Street Artists to Know in 2019). We received quite a few inquiries on where to find good street art in the city for an up close and personal look. There are amazing individual works scattered throughout Chicago, but there are also places where you can find a collection of captivating murals all together. Here's some of our favorite spots.   16th St Murals  922 W. 16th St.   This 2 mile [...]

10 Midwest Street Artists To Know In 2019

Over the past decade the Midwest street art scene (particularly Chicago) has heavily evolved. Chicago has become a new hub for street art. Aside from a few very popular names that the majority of residents know about, there are artists who've made some serious progress over the past years. Street artists often work together and push one another to evolve their talent. These creatives have blessed the midwest with their public displays of style and can be looked at as [...]

Meet Chicago Stencil Art Virtuoso: Trip One

From the outside looking in, it's natural for many to think stencil art is easier than freehand art. That's until you give a painter a box cutter and spray paint, the main tools used by Chicago emerging artist Trip One. His style derives from artists like Blek le Rat ( Founder of the Stencil Movement) and an artist mostly everyone knows: Banksy. The imagery found in his work is comparable to artists like Mike Mozart. Who also goes by [...]

From Behind Bars to Behind a Canvas: Arthur J Williams Jr.

The last place most people would expect to ever start a new career would be in prison. However, Arthur J Williams Jr. states otherwise... "When I got to the joint I had to do something with my time." Let's rewind all the way back to 1992 where this all first began. Arthur became an artist long before he ever realized it. Using his connections, he spent $300 on royal linen paper. It wasn't going to be used to draw on or [...]

One Emerging Artist You Should Know About: Mark Cesarik

While you won’t find Chicago based artist, Mark Cesarik posting regular selfies on his Instagram, you will find him in his studio daily.     “I’ve Never Been More Motivated In My Life” Like other great artists, his passion started early. His innate desire of putting pen on paper, even if it was just to doodle in class led him deeper into the art world as his life progressed. “I got into doodling more and more. Then comic books and other things started to take shape from there.” He [...]

Prolific Artist, Wij…Releases Free Original Work In The Desert

Last week, Phoenix based artist Wij...buried one of his original works. That's right.. we said ORIGINAL work, not a print. A piece that would regularly be sold for over a grand was hidden deep in the desert. A video was later released giving those a chance to find it using nothing but latitude and longitude coordinates. Those determined to find the artwork were warned by Wij... to " WATCH FOR RATTLESNAKES! "   So why go through all the trouble to bury a painting? Here's what [...]

A Rare Breed – Interview With Mesmerizing Chicago Street Artist Rawooh

Chicago native Raul Ramirez, better know as “Rawooh” is an artist we’ve had our eyes on over the past year. Our first introduction to him personally was through his long time friend and artist: ReviseCMW. After getting to know him for a bit, you will find that he’s an artist who is not motivated by money at all. What motivates Rawooh is creation. Even though he has over a decade of experience in the art world as both a [...]

AntBen’s Stunning Chicago Tribute Mural

Back in November 2017, Chicago artist Antonio Beniquez was responsible for the calligraphy letters for the West Side Neighborhood that spelled out "Humboldt". More recently the artist set his sights on higher grounds with a rooftop dedication piece to the City of Chicago.     "The point of it was to be able to see it looking out of your window. While you're flying in or out of the city and try to spot it. It engages with people to create a hunt."   When [...]


Whether you're celebrating Valentine's Day or Singles Awareness Day, the subject of love is the air. With that said, we have compiled 15 of the most inspiring street art images from the past decade revolving around the topic of love. From romance to heartbreak and everything in between. Let the countdown begin. 15. Morley " If You're Still Reading This " 14. Dolk " Dagger " 13. London Kaye " Leaking Love " 12. La Staa " One " 11. Alex Senna " Untitled " 10. Dede " Heart Hunt " 9. [...]

Limited Numbers

Rawooh & ReviseCMW met back in 2005 during an artist sketch event. Rather than look at one another as competition, they saw the talent in each other. Over the past decade, they have collaborated on murals throughout Chicago and spent many long nights developing their individual styles. If either hears of an upcoming show or event, they always invite the other. The simplicity of it is, they've helped each other grow. However, of all those years they've never done [...]

The Path to Becoming a Full Time Artist…

While there are millions of artists in the world, only a select amount are able to live a comfortable life off of their work; and when I say comfortable, I am not talking about just simply getting by, but to get ahead in life. So what does it take to live off your artwork? What sort of mentality do you need? How many hours per day or week are needed? With the hopes to help other artists climb the ranks [...]