Hepburn’s Puzzle

Hepburn’s Puzzle

Limited Edition of 3
Hand Embellished
48″ x 20″

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Artist Replete presents “Hepburn’s Puzzle” from Chicago based artist: Arthur J. Williams Jr.

The back of a U.S. hundred dollar series 2006 featuring Audrey Hepburn in puzzle form. Hand Embellished, making each print unique.

Arthur J. Williams Jr. is best known for being the counterfeiter who successfully reproduced the “impossible to replicate” 1996 hundred dollar bill. Williams printed an estimated of $10 million dollars in fabricated money before landing himself in prison for almost seven years. During his incarceration, Arthur furthered his talent by taking art classes, and studying the works of Leonardo Da Vinci and Michelangelo. The works of Warhol fascinated him as well, and with all of these aspects put together, he found his style. His story has been featured in multiple publications such as: Rolling Stone, VICE, Gizmodo, Forbes and American Greed.

The incredible story of a man who went from being behind bars to behind a canvas.

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