Maroon Puzzle -1990

Maroon Puzzle -1990


Limited Edition, Hand Embellished
48″ x 22″ Canvas Print

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Artist Replete proudly presents a new collection of work from highly sought after artist Arthur J Williams Jr. “Maroon Puzzle” features a 1990 U.S. hundred dollar in puzzle form.
Within the bill are older articles about the artist from his counterfeit days.

More About Arthur
Arthur J. Williams Jr. is perhaps best known for being the counterfeiter who successfully replicated the supposedly impossible to replicate 1996 hundred dollar bill. Secret Service agents doggedly pursued Williams as he printed what some estimate to have been as much as $10 million in fake money before he eventually landed in federal prison for six and a half years. This was the third time he was incarcerated for his criminal exploits that have been covered in Rolling Stone, VICE, Gizmodo, Forbes and featured on American Greed.

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