Thanks A Bucket!

Thanks A Bucket!


Acrylic | Spray Paint on canvas
30″ x 40″

Trip One x Wij…

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“Thanks a Bucket!” is a rare collaboration between Phoenix based artist Wij… and south side Chicago street artist Trip One. The two of them had a chance to meet during the summer of 2017 during an art show where Wij… was showcasing some of his newer work. They immediately got along and later decided to use both of their individual styles on one piece of art. While in Trip One‘s studio the artists began to look over work they’ve both created in the past. When Trip One pulled out a customized stencil of Marilyn Monroe they both agreed that would be the image they were going to work with.
The piece was named “Thanks A Bucket” based off of an old saying the actress would occasionally say during her black and white films.

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