Prolific Artist, Wij…Releases Free Original Work In The Desert

Prolific Artist, Wij…Releases Free Original Work In The Desert

Last week, Phoenix based artist Wij…buried one of his original works. That’s right.. we said ORIGINAL work, not a print. A piece that would regularly be sold for over a grand was hidden deep in the desert. A video was later released giving those a chance to find it using nothing but latitude and longitude coordinates. Those determined to find the artwork were warned by Wij… to ” WATCH FOR RATTLESNAKES! “


So why go through all the trouble to bury a painting? Here’s what Wij…had to say: 


“Life is all about the journey. I believe there is a subconscious desire to charge into the unknowns of the world. For me the journey into the unknown is what inspires my creativity. I bury these paintings to get people out of their regular mindset and into a space where they are subconsciously using their mind power in a new and different way. The process of creating these “treasure hunts” to find the lost Wij… paintings is incredibly satisfying and enjoyable. It gives someone who may never have been into the world of art a VIP pass to engage with this lifestyle while also allowing access to one of these paintings free of charge. The payment I get is the feeling of knowing I created a journey for the individuals who embark to search! We must continue to explore and create here on this strange rock which we live. The energy you put out into the universe comes back full circle over time… So why not try to put only the most pure, loving, and creative vibrations out into existence because in the end…we are all one.”

The Artwork was found just 2 hours after Wij…posted the videoTalk about a die-hard fan! 


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