AntBen’s Stunning Chicago Tribute Mural

AntBen’s Stunning Chicago Tribute Mural

Back in November 2017, Chicago Calligraffiti artist Antonio Beniquez created a mural for the West Side Neighborhood of Humboldt Park. More recently the artist set his sights on higher grounds with a rooftop dedication piece to the City of Chicago.
“The point of it was to be able to see it looking out of your window while you’re flying in or out of the city and try to spot it. Engaging with the people who like what I do and support me is important to me and so the hunt makes it fun.”
When asked how he feels differently about this mural compared to the one in Humboldt Park he had this to say:
“The ‘Humboldt’ mural is special to me because those were my stomping grounds as a kid. It was a rough neighborhood growing up, but it definitely helped shape who I am today so it’s a little more near and dear. The Chicago mural was meant to show love to the city that raised me as a whole. The technical side of the mural itself posed a challenge where I had to measure it all out on a rooftop while there were no guards in place to protect me from falling off if I didn’t stay alert. I had to make sure I really paid attention every minute I was up there. I also wanted to make sure the entire piece itself was nice and straight, relative to the lines of the building, otherwise, it could’ve been a disaster and I would’ve never shown it. I can be anal about the straightness and scale of a piece if that’s the goal at the onset of the project, and that stems from my engineering background.”
What does the piece mean to you?    
This piece was a very interesting part of my development as an artist. It really allowed me to work in a way I’m not used to. It allowed me to work outdoors and not be seen. So I spent a lot of time reflecting on everything that I have going on and what drives me to do what I do. I like to think that when people spot it flying overhead that it puts a smile on their faces. It’s important to me that my work affects people, good or bad. 

As for the rest of 2019 you can expect to see new murals and canvas work appear from AntBen, along with collaborations with brands like Nike and Dark Matter Coffee. He also mentioned a phone application that he’ll speak more about at a later date.

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