About Us

Artist Replete launched in September 2017 with the sole focus of giving up and coming artists a unique platform to display and sell their work. It was created with a sense of philanthropy and an industry disrupter within the art business. Its distinct design offers a lucrative commission structure that most galleries are unable to compete with. This, in turn, gives each artist we collaborate with the ability to make more per-transaction compared to the current art gallery model. 


It is our firm belief that accepting less & not conforming to age old business models creates a healthier environment for an artist to grow. The world is always changing and the way art is viewed, purchased and sold should change too… Some Traditions Were Made to Be Broken 



As the brand has evolved, we've expanded to not only help creatives grow, but assisting small and large companies create a stronger voice using the power of art. Since our inception, we've morphed into a collaborative marketing agency providing everything from logo work, album covers to murals that visually tell a story.