About Us

Artist Replete started online in 2017 as a middle ground between traditional & individual artist representation. With the company mantra: Some Traditions Were Made To Be Broken, the brand's unconventional approach challenges the status quo as an industry innovator, curating thought provoking exhibitions both in and outside of a gallery setting. Since its inception, A.R. has amplified the voice of many emerging artists into renowned creators that thrive today. 


Artist Replete’s boundless vision extends with a constantly evolving list of mediums and offerings such as; captivating street art, digital design, secondary market sales, and art based literature for a deeper connection between artist and patron. 


At the start of 2023, A.R. opened its first official flagship location in the heart of downtown Chicago. Located on level two of The Water Tower Place, the store curates monthly exhibitions that feature both local and internationally recognized artistic talent. Following the brand's core principals, the store takes a smaller commission, which enables each independent artist the ability earn more per transaction than a traditional gallery would typically allow. 

 Chicago art gallery - Mural artist - Chicago art

Artist Replete is located at:
835 N. Michigan Ave, level 2
Chicago, IL, 60608
Our store hours are:
Thursday - Sunday, 1-6pm 
Private viewing available by request
Contact Us:
P: 312-379-9412