Adonte Clark Captures Subconscious Thoughts Within Stunning Works of Art

Adonte Clark Captures Subconscious Thoughts Within Stunning Works of Art



Throughout our lives, in the backdrop of our minds, random thoughts come and go. As the day progresses, our minds wander. Images of vacations, memories from childhood, a friendly smile that greets us on the street. We can become lured into daydreams of our past and present. A form of reality that arouses our spirit. Sometimes we aren’t even aware that these thoughts are taking place, but their effect on our lives may be much greater than we realize. These expressions of thought have become the focal point for Chicago artist Adonte Clark.


Chicago artist Adonte Clark - Artist RepleteBeing the first one in his family to attend college, he succeeded in every traditional goal he focused on. After college Adonte landed a job in finance, making his family and himself very proud. But, as the years went on, a void inside him began to grow, knowing there was more he could offer to the world.



"I felt like I wasn't expressing exactly who I was. There is so much more to me than the salary and title I had received. I thought about how I could tell my story and I decided to pick up a paint brush to do it. " 



After work one day he decided to grab some art supplies. With a feeling of excitement, he started by merely imitating print work he had in his apartment. But, it didn't matter, he loved every minute of it. He revisited the art store later on in the week, obtaining a large canvas on which to paint. Gradually he began to find his signature style



Adonte Clark - Discover Yourself - Chicago artist


Another day, while in a board meeting, Adonte's minded drifted back to simpler times. A time when life was much different. He held onto that thought and brought it to life as soon as he returned home. Telling a story about inner thoughts became a strong, compelling impetus to experimentation with his artistic voice. 



"I didn't want to paint just to paint. It was important to me that a story was told within the work. I started off translating my personal thoughts and then took in my surroundings to create more work. I think in life the beauty is in the journey getting there. We don't get to decide what home we come to when we're born. But we do have dreams and ideas of who we want to be as we grow older. And that's what I want to illustrate within my work."  



Currently the artist is striving to reach as many people as possible with his work. As an advocate for mental health, he encourages his viewers to not shy away from their inner thoughts but rather dive deeper into them. See Adonte's work in person during an upcoming exhibition in Pilsen, Chicago on April 27th. Stay Tuned For Details. 



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