Chicago Artist Jenny Vyas Debuts Her Most Powerful Solo Show Yet With Special Guests

Chicago Artist Jenny Vyas Debuts Her Most Powerful Solo Show Yet With Special Guests


There comes a rare moment in time where an artist transitions from an emerging creative to a renowned creator. For Chicago artist Jenny Vyas, that moment is approaching fast. On Thursday, September 16th, Vyas will display her most intimate collection of work to date in a show titled AWAKEN, the culmination of a career long effort.






"Awaken is about emotional consciousness. In order to understand your own emotions and dissect them, I think it's important to face the darker deeper feelings that we often hide from. This show is all about coming to terms with your demons & making friends with them. The theme is about awakening your trauma, your pain, and points of reference that make you responsible for the actions you take, so you don't make other people responsible for those things. You are the complete owner of everything that happens in your life."



This marks her third solo exhibition, but her first in Pilsen that will be open to the public. Vyas collaborated with A.R. at the venue Pilsen Yards last year for a collaborative show. However, due to Covid, her work was only viewable virtually. This year she releases a newer style of artwork, adding an array of colors not regularly found in her palette.  





Jenny Vyas - Chicago artist - Solo Show - Awaken




Although the show is themed around mental awakening, the title has a double entendre in the form a very special guest. Grammy winning violinist Damien Escobar will be making a guest appearance with a glimpse into his hit song Awaken, a strong influence on Jenny's new curation. 


The two artists met years ago when Vyas became aware of Escobar's work. She passed over her business card and said to him "I'd love to work with you one day." Damien followed her career as she gradually grew from locally known to nationally recognized. The collaborative idea that started years ago is now being brought into fruition within her upcoming exhibition






Equal parts restaurant, speakeasy, and creative space, the show will be hosted at Pilsen Yards. Attendees are welcomed to experience the full menu & dinner reservations are available. The location is equipped with a high definition sound system and two bars that offer craft beers and cocktails. 


Adding to the evening will be a limited edition beer release that Vyas has steadily been working on in collaboration w/ Azadi Brewing. The company, inspired by the fruits, spices, & flavors of India, will be printing the artist's work on craft beer containers. The flavor profile pays homage to Jenny's ethnic background & personal taste. The libation will make its first appearance during opening evening of the exhibition. 









Artist Replete welcomes Chicago founded 501 c (3) M.A.L.A. as the official event partner for Awaken. A supporter of the arts, MALA has worked to amplify the voices of women on a global stage and confront bigotry and discrimination of all kinds. As a business that operates by community donation, supporting this work puts resources directly in the hands of women of all ages in marginalized communities. 


As a continually explorative artist, Jenny Vyas will be showing an additional collection of work paired with local photographer David Sabat.


"This is my first self portrait series exploring my personal demons. David has been pivotal in helping me get comfortable behind the lens. Since I'm in these figurative shots he takes of me, I look at myself as an outsider and am allowed to dissect my psyche in a whole other medium."







It's not often you get to see a female minority artist shining brightly within a male dominated industry. Jenny's persistence in both street and studio art have brought her to new heights. With the addition of music, food, and libation, this event becomes a unique opportunity on many levels.


AWAKEN, a solo exhibition featuring Jenny Vyas opens to the public Thursday, September 16th at 6pm, hosted at Pilsen Yards. The exhibition is FREE With RSVP Via Eventbrite


Or to experience both dinner and the exhibition please reserve through P.Y. 

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