Colorblind Street Artist GOMAD Creates A Feast for the Eyes

colorblind artist
While 1 out of 12 men are colorblind, this ratio dramatically changes with how many colorblind artists exist. Now take that number & put it through a filter of how many are actually successful. Filter that number one more time with the amount of successful street artists who are colorblind. What you have left is a rarity by the name of Marcus GOMAD Debie.





Like many others who are colorblind, the 46 year old South Holland native was born that way. "I recognize most of the primary colors, but some colors just really get mixed up. Blues become purples and greens become browns in my eyes"





To get a better understanding of the world he lives in, GOMAD sent us the photo above. Ironically the only thing not affected from colorblindness in this image... is the art. The question still remains though.





How could a visually impaired individual create such vidid works of art? Especially when so many key colors look the same to him. He shares the unique emotional persistence that creatives like Beethoven and Ray Charles had bestowed within them. The inner drive to continue when everyone including the tools you were born with recommends otherwise. You also may be asking yourself: How come I've never heard of this guy? That's because the majority of his work is scattered throughout Europe with a very minimal amount in the U.S. We have a good feeing that's going to change in the next few years though.   





"Luckily all spray paint brands have color codes and names on them. Over the past 30 years, I've learned them all by heart. I also at times ask my wife for advice."







As life evolves, there comes a moment to most visionaries that sparks their curiosity. GOMAD's interest in the culture was triggered from the 1984 movie 'Beat Street' along with the documentary 'Style Wars'. His intrigue later lead to a bachelors degree in art. As the spark grew more into a flame, the artist divided his time between a day job at an advertisement agency and graffiti. Then in 2013 Marcus GOMAD Debie walked away from it all and pursued a full time career as an "Urban Fine Artist."


For an artist that's touched almost every major city in Europe, we were dying to know.. Is he coming to the U.S. any time soon? The answer is YES!


"Actually I planned to visit Chicago this September but due to a scaffolding accident 3 months ago I'm unable to travel. However in 2020, I'll be there. I may just do a show with Artist Replete too! For now you can check out some work I've made available for those in the U.S."







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