Meet Samantha DeCarlo: A Chicago Artist Making Vivid Works Inspired by Nature

Meet Samantha DeCarlo: A Chicago Artist Making Vivid Works Inspired by Nature

The average person spends less than 30 seconds looking at an individual piece of art. During this moment, the viewer creates a personal connotation about the artwork before them. In an instant, most decide if they like, love, or disapprove of an artist's creation. That fact is brought to us by Chicago artist Samantha DeCarlo, who's been creating detailed works to combat against attention standards. 



" I want to look at work that draws me in, has hidden elements, keeps me circling. So you look at it just a bit longer. "


Since the age of 10, art has been a huge part of DeCarlo's life and upbringing. Dolls and dresses were often replaced with easels and paint sets, in a world of constant creation. As Samantha got older, it became apparent that this wasn't just a hobby she was engulfed in; it was her calling. She later attended the American Academy of Art.


After graduating, Samantha was offered a job teaching a painting class. Feeling a bit uncomfortable with her first paid opportunity, she feverishly practiced for two months straight. To her surprise, DeCarlo ended up selling every single piece from her practice collection, creating a market for her work.


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Her newest series, inspired heavily from nature, blends a bright landscape of flora and fauna. Painted mostly in oil, after transitioning from acrylic during the pandemic, DeCarlo took it upon herself to create work so detailed that it doesn't ask for attention, it demands it. 

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