New Pilsen Eatery Set to Begin First Art Show Virtually featuring artists Jenny Vyas & Rawooh

New Pilsen Eatery Set to Begin First Art Show Virtually featuring artists Jenny Vyas & Rawooh

While we live in a physical world, the pandemic has forced businesses to adapt digitally in order to survive. Both the restaurant & art industry have gone through necessary changes in order to keep the wheels turning. With an uncertain winter ahead, Chicago based eatery Pilsen Yards hopes to open its doors later this month. The restaurant plans to have a lifelike virtual walk through featuring some rising talent from the art world. In collaboration with Artist Replete, two well-known midwest creatives will be featured.


In their first virtual to physical art show, Jenny Vyas and Rawooh will be featuring a variety of new work. Over the past few years, each artist has dramatically evolved their craft. They've gone from local recognition to expanding their reach throughout North America. With a collective taste for expressing beauty in a multitude of ways, this could very well be the perfect pairing.

A Recap on Both Artists




Back in February, Vyas collaborated with the multi-location restaurant brand ROOH to create some captivating visuals for their West Loop location. Without a hitch, she then went on to create two additional murals for the progressive Indian venture. 






Unbeknownst to Vyas, Rawooh was creating some significant branding for the latin eatery, Las Fuentes at their Morton Grove location. His first interactive mural, along with some mesmerizing patio art, added a whole new level of depth to the restaurants exterior. Locals were seen going out of their way just to photograph the work.


Branding collaborations are nothing new to either artist. Separately they've created some of the most widely recognized pieces in Chicago. From one of the largest murals in the entire city to powerful backdrops, they've left social media in a frenzy for the past three years and counting. In addition, both artists regularly make canvas work, prints, and have successfully experimented with apparel. 


Chicago artists Jenny Vyas and Rawooh take the stage in first ever Virtual Show located at Pilsen Yards, Chicago

A Different Experience

Virtual shows are nothing new to a pandemic ridden world. However, a virtual exhibition in collaboration with a restaurant opening is something we really haven't seen much of. Pilsen Yards, located on 18th St, originally had plans to open its doors publicly the first week of November. Things changed as regulations in Chicago rolled back to outdoor dining only. Today, they hope to open their doors and start cooking in tandem with the debut of the art show, as long as city and state restaurant regulations allow patio dining. The creatively designed space (formally known as Monnie Burke's) was recently remodeled over the summer.




Alongside the artwork they plan to offer a portion of their to-go menu with the majority of all items under $15. The restaurant plans to host art events on a monthly basis and has already purchased work from Roger J. Carter. When permitted, the venue will open its doors to display their very first show titled: UNDONE.


Currently, the show is set for November 28th and will run until mid-December. To receive updates on both the food and the exhibition, you can RSVP on eventbrite or check out the facebook event page.    



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