One Nashville Artist You Should Really Know: BLK JHN

One Nashville Artist You Should Really Know: BLK JHN

Nashville, Tennessee has been home to many great musicians over the years, but it's also home to an artist worth knowing, BLK JHN. He has quietly spent the last few years blending pop culture with comedic elements. And while there is a multitude of pop artists out there, we haven't seen one quite like the individual we're discussing today. His unique ability to blend humor with iconic action heroes creates a new level of nostalgia found in many of his works today.  


"I always made sure I got the comics from my grandfathers Sunday paper. I also like True Romance and Golden Age superhero comics styles as well."  - BLK JHN


Nashville Artist BLK JHN


Works like the one above titled "Money is Power" painted in Dayton, Ohio are among some of the very first pieces of street art he's created. Most studio artists don't adapt so quickly to painting on larger formats. It's more often a process that takes years to develop into a crisp image much like an original painting. This raises the question: If this is one of his first murals, then what will his street art look like years from now? 






If you ask him how he describes his style, he'll tell you that he doesn't really label it at all. But he does try to recreate the look and feel of images that he loved growing up. Currently, he's been placing Batman and Superman outside of their typical realm. It's not often you'll find artwork that makes you laugh while bringing up fond memories from childhood. Looking at his work for a just moment can give you a much needed break from daily stress. It has the ability to transport you back to being a kid without seeming too childish. 






What started off as a love for Sunday comics has now transpired into a growing collection of artwork on canvasBLK JHN seems to adapt very well no matter what sort of scale he's working in. Art may be a hobby for him at this time, but we wouldn't be surprised to see this artist become widely recognized in the future. One of his major goals for 2021 and beyond is to create more pieces of public art in cities throughout the U.S., something we're definitely looking forward to witnessing. 


"I don't really yearn for the spotlight but if I could create work on a grander scale outside and brighten up someones day that walks by it... that would probably be enough for me." 


Nashville artist BLK JHN - Artist Replete

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    What do I have to do to get a spread on my art work for you guys, check me out I’m a local artist here in Nashville born and raised, and I do neon blacklight art. Check me out @artbyewatts on I.G or Erick watson on Facebook. Thank you and god bless

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