The Banksy Exhibit Features Local Artists During Its Final Week In Chicago

Roger J. Carter - Banksy Exhibit

 The Art of Banksy, a collector owned exhibit featuring "35 Million Dollars Worth of Banksy Art" opened to the public during the summer in Chicago. Since its arrival in the Windy City, the exhibit has received mixed reviews.


Art aficionados frowned upon the idea of a non-consensual exhibit featuring the internationally known street artist. Yet die-hard fans, who have only seen the artists work in media, flocked for a chance to see a real Banksy up close and personal.



Banksy Exhibit - Roger J. Carter



The Addition of Local Talent

While the social tug of war continued on the topic of what's an appropriate way for the iconic artist to be displayed, a new curation was added to the venue. Since the beginning of October, local Chicago artists were added to the exhibition on the 3rd floor, curated by Agapē Creative Boutique, as a way to provide greater good for the community.



Roger J. Carter - Banksy Exhibit -


Positioned just below one of the largest Banksy collections, on the VIP level, is a variety of work from emerging creatives from the Chicagoland area. When entering the floor known as the "Kulture Museum", we were first greeted by pieces from Southside rising star Roger J. Carter (seen above). 



Roger J. Carter - Banksy Exhibit



Strolling deeper into the room, you'll find the hood of a Jaquar covered with artwork by Robert Lewis Clark. The creation features an embossed font with the lyrics to the Marvin Gaye's song "What's Goin On". Right beside the reimagined auto-mobile part is an original piece by Paul Branton that welcomes it's viewer into a dream-like atmosphere.



Roger J. Carter - Banksy Exhibit  


Other notable pieces made by Chicago innovators include an array of sculptures made from recycled clothes hangers and plastic bottle tops by Alan Emerson Hicks. Also impressively displayed is a captive work on canvas from John Ross Wilson


Both The Art of Banksy and the Kulture Museum will be on display until October 31st, in downtown Chicago before it moves to its next installation in San Francisco. Visit the Banksy exhibit website and use code "RIOT20" for a discount on tickets. Thoughts on the exhibition? Feel free to share them in the comment section below. 

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