The First Ever Podcast Interview with Chicago Artist: Rawooh

The First Ever Podcast Interview with Chicago Artist: Rawooh

Take a Journey into the mind of Chicago based street artist Rawooh. In this episode we explore his journey as a creative and the influences that helped shape his distinct style. We also discuss social media and importance of taking breaks from it for mental clarity. This is the very first time he's ever spoken openly about his past and present. Let's dive in...




Podcast Intro: 0:00 - 13:34

Rawooh Introduction: 13:34 - 15:53

How It All Started: 15:56 - 21:44

Taking Breaks From Social Media: 21:45 - 27:38

The Growth of a Partnership: 27:39 - 30:39

The Bartering System with Art: 30:40 - 32:46

Going Beyond the Canvas: 32:47 - 36:02

Balance In Building Your Craft: 36:03 - 38:21

Future Goals And Challenges: 38: 22 - 45:17

Advice For Young Artists: 45:18 - End 


Huge Thank You to Ade Sanusi from Art Meets Culture. Stay tuned for more collaborations. Know of an artist you think we should have on the podcast? Let us know in the comment section below. 

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