Matthew Hoffman

Matthew Hoffman is a Public Artist based in Chicago. His work ranges from large-scale and interactive sculptures, to small stickers and approachable art for the home. 

He has created public installations for companies like Apple, Meta, & Oprah. Collaborative work has been centric to his career, and has included partnerships with The United Way, Nami, & The Chicago Community Trust, with a mural created in collaboration with the youth of the Juvenile Temporary Detention Center.

His process encourages a team dialogue connecting many voices from different backgrounds to bring the best possible outcome into the world. Hoffman’s work is created to be as open and accessible as possible. The messages he chooses are an effort to remind us individually of our self worth, and encourage us to be there for each other. 

Hoffman is the custodian of You Are Beautiful, a project to better the world through positive messages. Over 8 million stickers have been shared by the community, & over 100 public art works have been permanently installed globally since 2002.