Artist Bio

Federico Uribe is an Internationally known artist and one of the top selling artists at Art Basel in Miami. His unique style has created a long list of famous collectors, including Domenico Dolce (Dolce & Gabbana). 


In 1988, Federico Uribe left Colombia and moved to New York where he would study a master in fine arts degree. Throughout those years he was guided by Luis Camnitzer, who taught him essential skills that Federico would later own use for his personal artworks. After years of studying and practicing, Federico traveled,  living in Cuba, Mexico, Russia, England and Miami where he is currently based.


His most recent work includes a series of animal sculptures created with bullets and colored pencils. This representation with bullets was triggered when the artist recognized animals being hunted for fur and 90 percent of the remains thrown away. The series took on more playful direction with the use of color pencils, a medium often used during adolescence.