Artist Bio

In a story ignited from boundless love, the dynamic artist duo, Gillie & Marc share their personal tale through the creation of Dogman & Rabbitgirl. An alter ego of each artist symbolizing how opposites can attract and conquer. 


Based in Sydney Australia, the romantic partners originally formed a professional alliance in pursuit of the most prestigious award in their homeland, the Archibald Prize. Widely recognized as the most notable award in the land down under, the two found it difficult when applying individually, but became finalists after a single attempt working together. 


Since joining forces, Gillie & Marc have become internationally recognized for their wildlife based sculpture work and their public displays of the beloved Dogman and Rabbitwoman characters. To date, they’ve exhibited work in over 250 cities worldwide. 


“The most prolific creators of public art in the city’s history” - The New York Times