Capturing the Coronavirus through Art

Coronavirus Chicago - Coronavirus Street Art - Covid-19 Chicago - Covid-19 Street Art

The Covid-19 virus without a doubt has had an emotional effect on people throughout the world. It's not all gloom and doom though. During this time of "social distancing" many artists are visually expressing their view of the pandemic, turning a negative stigma into a more uplifting appearance. Let's take a moment to turn off the news and enjoy some rather inspiring imagery. 





Detroit based artist Michael Keum, captures romance during turbulent times in a piece that he calls "A Risk Worth Taking." We spoke to the artist last month to find out more about his signature style and the thought process behind his work. 






This ode to healthcare professionals titled "Super Nurse" began in the streets and has since become a viral sensation. Celebrities like Julianne Moore have been seen wearing the artwork. All while the artist known as FAKE, selflessly offers the artwork as a free download on his website. 






Los Angeles artist, Corie Mattie began a new series of work in March titled "La Hope."  This public art collection (all Covid-19 inspired) pushes her audience to realize that "we’re all in the same boat, but not the same storm." Aside from her own custom creations you can find inspiration coming from musical acts like Drake. As she reminds LA residents IF YOU'RE READING THIS, GO HOME.







Italian artist Tvboy reinterprets the 1943 World War 2 poster "We Can Do It." Long ago the original image was meant to instill hope and motivation during hostile times. Although we may not be experiencing a war, there have been many casualties within the medical industry. The artwork can be viewed as a great sign of respect to the front-line battling to keep people healthy. 







Tucked away in Belgium is a breath taking piece that transforms medical professionals into super heroes. The artwork is a collaboration between Belgium artist Jurgen Massagé and renowned digital collage maker Uğur Gallenkuş. Two artists coming together for a greater cause. 





"Covid-19 Wrecking Everything" is a newer street art piece created by self taught contemporary artist: HULA. From the location chosen to the overall concept of this piece. It speaks volumes about the destruction the virus has created. 



Chicago street art - Coronavirus street art - Covid-19 Street art - Coping with Covid-19


While we may not know when things will completely end, one thing we do know is that artists out there will continue to do their part to remind us of what and who to think about at this time. Over the past 2 months, there have been so many great pieces of art made during this rather dark moment of history. Let us know in the comments below if you have a favorite piece or if there's artwork you think should have been mentioned. #STAYSAFE

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