Fifteen Artists You Should Know About in 2021

Fifteen Artists You Should Know About in 2021

2020 was a very difficult year for industries of all sorts. However, many artists found comfort in the solitude and created some of their best work to date. New opportunities for artists throughout the world were created by a new level of demand for artwork as home redecoration interest soared during the pandemic. Here is our a list of fifteen artists you should know about in 2021, including several artists we have never mentioned before, as we strongly feel they deserve more recognition for the amazing work they do. 






We stumbled upon Michael's work in the middle of 2020 and frankly it was very difficult to look away. His use of bright colors blended into a cocktail of surrealism with dash of science fiction fantasy makes him a force to be reckoned with. And most certainly an artist to keep your eyes on. 







In Chicago MATR is most known for his graffiti and mural work scattered throughout the city. However, in the Fall of last year we got to see a different side of the artist. On his separate tattoo page, he posted a more refined style of work. This small glimpse really showed us what the artist is capable of and we're looking forward to seeing more. 






After spending over a decade painting in a traditional format, artist Roger J. Carter began experimenting deeper into his craft. In the summer of 2020 he started to create three dimensional portraits out of records, chess pieces and then toy soldiers. His works on toy soldiers became such hit that he had to hire a small staff to source material and keep up with the demand. In a very short time Rogers market skyrocketed and we wouldn't be surprised if it continues to do so. 






For the past few years the artistic duo, Czr Prz and Nick Glazebrook have been recycling items into stunning creations. Some of their most notable works include palm trees made from recycled skateboards and spray paint cans. Seen in the center photo above is a large bird made entirely of out skateboard decks. Their eco-friendly, unique style has captured the attentions of many in the midwest and we feel it's just the beginning for these two. 






From jaw-dropping murals to stunning abstract works on canvas, North Carolina based artist Taylor White brings a unique sense of motion in her work today. She's found a breathtaking way of capturing the human body (or pieces of it) in an effortless yet beautiful style.






Justin Mensinger makes wearable art. Most of his pieces are one of a kind, hand stitched originals, created by blending recycled fabric into a mosaic of fashion. His attention to detail is extraordinary. Fans of streetwear and contemporary art will likely find Justin’s artistic clothing to be a perfect fit. 






With such a distinct style, Jay Young has created a long line of collectors and he's done so at the age of 25. The artist rarely ever has inventory and when he does, it typically lasts only 24hrs. Demonstrating so much talent at an early age, he clearly deserves the significant attention he has received thus far.






When the pandemic struck, Arthur was faced with a very difficult decision that resulted in closing his Chicago based gallery. As an ex-con, the artist is no stranger to hardships. At a time when much of the world became frugal with spending, Arthur invested in a new gallery. His complete collection of work is now located in his new space in Beverly Hills, California. We will be speaking with Arthur about his transition later this year. Stay tuned !






Just before the new year we got a chance to speak to emerging artist BLK JHN. Through our conversations we learned that he recently transitioned from making art as a hobby to making art as a career. During the fall of 2020 he created one of his very first pieces of public art (seen above). This raises the question: If this is one of his first murals, then what will his street art look like in the future? 








The artist divides his time between working in the midwest and Mexico. The past few years Roco has done an exceptional job of creating a vivid new world for his viewers. A world that is filled with brightly painted imaginary characters interspersed with a well versed color palette. 








Whenever you see a Rubik's cube, think of this great Chicago creative. Courtney's works are multifaceted and complex, demonstrating a fantastic resemblance to the human mind. Keep a close watch on this guy because he's going places.








During a time of immense civil unrest PHYBR donated his talent towards a massive community project in Toledo. "I really wanted to give back to my community and wanted to capture the beauty of the emotions this piece represents. With our current political environment it was an important statement that represented that."  Seen above his dedication mural titled "... and justice." His skillset goes with saying. 









Just over a month from the time this article was posted the artist created one of the greatest Michael Jordan murals we've ever seen!! The conception and composition of the piece show the brilliance that lies within Felix’s mind. He is worthy of greater recognition.







With a variety of community projects and a collaboration with the Chicago bulls, 2020 was Langstons year. The artist heavily developed his style, color palette and created some absolutely stunning pieces of street art. We eagerly anticipate his new works for 2021. 







Chantala is an artist that really captivated us this past year. His "Mad Max Bus" is perhaps one of the most noteworthy pieces of public art we've seen in quite some time. His use of child portraits painted on an abandoned bus gives new inspiration to the landscape. Kudos and recognition of his artistic conquest have been well deserved. 



That wraps our list for 2021. Know of an artist that you think deserves more recognition? Drop their name in the comments below for a chance to be featured.


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  • Juanita Lopez

    How do I get an artist on your list, Roman Villarreal is a well known Artist in Chicago he has a Studio on the Southside of Chicago.

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