How Romance Between Two Artists Blossomed Into An International Empire - Gillie & Marc

How Romance Between Two Artists Blossomed Into An International Empire - Gillie & Marc, Artist Replete

The dictionary defines Romance as a feeling of excitement and mystery associated with love. The use of mystery in the definition derives from the idea that love can become boundless in possibilities. Choosing your life partner is unequivocally synonymous with choosing your future, as your other half can subconsciously shape your inner spirit. 


We go through our lives seeking the yin to our yang, or at the very least, the idea of a significant other enters our mind. The world around us would ideologically like to create a standard definition of what love is, but it can only be defined by the two people involved. The story you're about to read is a tale of both love and triumph, between two ambitious creatives, that met in passing. Through shared energy, they redefined the mystery within their love, bringing their careers and personal lives to unimaginable heights.



Gillie & Marc

The artists first crossed paths in Hong Kong during the early 90's when Gillie was modeling during a film shoot for which Marc was the creative director. Though each came from a different background, with dissimilar upbringings, the love for personal exploration ignited the fire between them.


We go together by artits Gillie and Marc - Artist Replete


Against All Odds

Both Gillie and Marc saw positive attributes in each other, regardless of their conflicting backgrounds. The commonality in the struggles they faced growing up created a deeper bond between them.


Marc's father, an Austria Jew, was the only one from his family to survive the holocaust. His fathers experience was recapitulated to Marc as he grew up facing antisemitism during his formative years in Melbourne Australia. 


Born in London, Gillie was raised in a culturally unusual setting, with a mother from Holland and a father from India. After leaving the U.K. early in her life, the future artist spent her pre-teenage years in underprivileged areas of Africa. This would later serve her towards a greater appreciation of the fragility of life. 


Prior to becoming a team, both artists created work independently. In pursuit of the Archibald prize, one of Australia's most prestigious awards, they decided to collaborate for a submission and became finalists for the reward. With that success, it was apparent that they were more dynamic working together than being artistic competitors. 


Gillie and Marc - Dogman and Rabbitgirl

 Dogman & Rabbitgirl

To express their collaborative identity, the artists created work revolving around two characters, Dogman & Rabbitgirl. They are best friends, despite the world deeming them as an unfit pair as predator and prey. Reimagined through a new lens, in human form, Gillie and Marc visually transcribed their affection for one another, in an autobiographical context.


Their message, that love is not bound by religion nor race, began over 30 years ago with exhibitions in Singapore. Simultaneously, they also began their conquest in displaying sculptural works, particularly in areas noted as locations that welcome all with open arms. A few years later, their persistence paid off with an exhibit in New York City.


Each year the devoted duo recreated playful imagery of their beloved Dogman and Rabbitgirl characters with pieces that have become more daring. Additionally, the artists took time to explore personal projects in pursuit of a greater cause.


In 2017 Gillie and Marc traveled to Kenya to observe the last three remaining northern white rhinos. To bring awareness of the dying breed, the artists constructed an 18 ft sculpture, titled "The Last Three", which was displayed on Astor Place (once known as Art Street) in N.Y.C. The project received high praise from the community and media. 


The Last Three - Gillie & Marc - Artist Replete copy 2.jpg 

Since the start of their joint venture, Gillie and Marc have displayed and exhibited in over 250 cities throughout the world. Their dedication to promote diversity and wildlife conservation is an nod to their nomadic upbringing and ambition to make a change for future generations. The artists frequently reinvest a portion of their earnings into projects that seek to promote widespread recognition towards endangered species. 


Together, they found inspiration in other fearless creatives that came before them, particularly Andy Warhol. In the beginning of 2022 the artists opened a space named in homage to Warhol's "The Factory". 




The collaborative work of Gillie and Marc, fueled by a long-lasting love, demonstrates the ability of an intimate relationship to positively affect creative artistic expression.

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