Abstract art is defined by shapes, lines, and creations that are independent from the rest of the world. In short, when looking at a traditional piece of the abstract art, the brain lacks a reference to figure out what it’s looking at, thus it defines it as “abstract.” 


This genre of art also evokes personal creativity, as it urges the viewer to assign their own meaning to what they see before them. When a style develops that sparks the mind to think deeper into unexplored areas of the brain, the appreciation of the artwork is enhanced. 


An artist's work that doesn't evoke a single idea but a multitude of thoughts that can create a sense of mental freedom. Using unique color and texture combinations, many of the pieces today created by Italian artist Eva Carlini achieve this. 




Early in her life, Carlini faced adversity with a diagnosis of kidney disease, which prohibited her from participating in normal childhood activities. Much of her formative years were spent indoors, oftentimes in bed. To keep spirits high, her family bought her art supplies to engage her mind and distract her from the harsh circumstances of reality. Art created a safe space for her, an opportunity for her advancement. 


“Art was always something that made me happy, regardless of my circumstances.”


Eva Carlini - Abstract artist Chicago - Artist Replete

 "Revival" (left)  "Live For Your Soul" (right) by Eva Carlini


At the age of 11, Eva had corrective surgery, removing both the illness and its shackles. Having the ability to spend more time outdoors, nature became a new source of inspiration. Later, approaching the transition from high school to college, it was clear in her mind that she wanted to be a full-time artist. But the dream would have to wait, as her family pressed her to continue formal education. Despite exposure to multiple academic fields, her safe space of creativity in art would always draw her back in.





Reuniting with her passion was a must, and with each day, new ideas would be attempted. Like a chemist with a paintbrush, Eva would take note of how different materials would react with one another. Her constant experimentation gradually shaped her style. 


Eva Carlini - Abstract art - Abstract artist - Chicago abstract art

 close up view of "Next Journey" by Eva Carlini



Last month Carlini exhibited downtown Chicago to an audience of collectors and artists that arrived with a curiosity to better understand how her work is created. Her latex and acrylic mixed compositions have blurred the lines between abstract and figurative art, leaving spectators filled with a sense of wonder. An emotion that's helped her climb the ranks in a very saturated category of art.


Like all art, abstracts are subjective and not everyone favors the genre as a whole. But with a technique that intermingles so many different categories, Carlini has broadened the barrier of interest to a new audience. We look forward to watching her create more for years to come.


You can see more thought provoking work by Eva Carlini by visiting the artist's portfolio curated by Artist Replete.  

 Abstract art Chicago - Eva Carlini - Artist Replete

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  • Anne Leighty

    Love this painting. Glad that you are pursuing what you love to do.

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