AR Teams Up w/ Art Meets Culture for First International Podcast: featuring Trip One

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Artist Replete teams up with London based creative group Art Meets Culture for our first ever international podcast. In this episode we introduce the podcast itself and discuss challenges that many creatives face. We also speak to Chicago artist Trip One to get inside view on the evolution of his art career. 





Podcast Intro: 0:00 - 7:24
AR Introduction: 7:27 - 24:40
Trip One Intro: 24:41 - 31:14

Challenges as an Artist: 31:17 - 37:55

Taking A Different Approach: 37:56 - 44:35

What We Look For in an Artist: 44:36 - 50:19

The Impact of Social Media: 50:20 - 54:15

Crossing Over Internationally: 54:16 - 1:03:42 

Growth through Marketing: 1:03:50 - End 


Huge Thank You to Ade Sanusi from Art Meets Culture. Stay tuned for more collaborations. Know of an artist you think we should have on the podcast? Let us know in the comment section below. 


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