Thompson Hotel In Gold Coast, Chicago Now Displays Artwork By Jenny Vyas in Every Room

Jenny Vyas artwork at Thompson Hotel in Chicago - Artist Replete

In a recent deal between Thompson Hotels and Chicago based artist Jenny Vyas, nearly 250 limited edition, framed prints were placed in every hotel room. Seeing inspiring artwork from a rising local star isn't the first thing that usually comes to mind when checking into a hotel room. However, this hotel chain clearly boasts a different approach.


The installation of the artwork, which began in January, recently reached completion. Vyas, a now veteran in the Chicago art scene, collaborated with Thompson's Gold Coast location to create artwork for a more alluring guest experience. 

Tempora artwork by Chicago artist - Jenny Vyas

" The goal was to make a colorful piece celebrating the strength of women in my signature style. Client wanted to add a touch of brightness to the rooms decorated in earthy tones, so I chose a bright color palette with some warmer tones to tie in the colors from the rooms. Colors like egg plant purple from some couches in guest suites, browns, teals, and grays from the furniture and rugs, and whites from the walls and linens across the rooms. " 


For the piece created for the hotel collection, eventually named TEMPORA, Jenny worked between a digital and freehand medium. After painting a background on canvas, she tweaked a number of ideas on her laptop before completing her masterpiece with her signature combination of alcohol ink and acrylic paint. 


Although the majority of the print edition belongs to the hotel. Vyas displayed the original piece in an exhibition at the Metropolitan Club. She also kept a very small batch of prints available for fans of the creation.


Chicago artist Jenny Vyas - Limited Edition Print release - Tempora 


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