20 Chicago Artists You Should Know In 2024

20 Chicago Artists You Should Know in 2024 - Chicago gallery - Artist Replete
Cover Photo of “Caution: Bridge Out” by Chicago artist E.LEE


In the past 12 months a handful of Chicago artists made great strides in their careers. They’ve challenged themselves with new ideas, different techniques, and have avoided stagnation. Each artist on the list has dived deep into self discovery, unleashing their full creative potential. From immense dedication, they've produced their own voice and translated it visually on canvas, on walls throughout the city, and even on fabric. With such great progression in 2023, we feel that this year, you should definitely pay attention to the names that follow. 



Tanner Woodford 

Chicago artist - Tanner Woodford - Chicago gallery


Known for his whimsical typography, Tanner’s work has appeared at the WNDR Museum, Navy Pier, and on permanent display in the John Hancock building. His simplistic but tasteful design makes for a great addition to any art collectors home, no matter the space. 



Aldair Dosmil

Chicago artist - Aldair Dosmil


Chicago based artist, Aldair Dosmil creates eclectic work rooted in Mexican Folklore. Much of his artwork features a character inspired by the Torito De Petate dance, one of the most traditional emblems of Morelia, Mexico, where the artist grew up. You can see a variety of his work on the streets of Pilsen, Chicago. Throughout the years his style has grown in popularity from the dedication he has to his craft.


Roger J. Carter 

Chicago artist Roger J. Carter - Chicago art gallery

Since the start of his Toy Soldier series in 2020, Roger J. Carter has been on the fast track of artistic success. The artist has appeared in numerous documentaries, articles throughout the web, and has steadily commissioned hundreds of works for a growing list of clientele.


Towards the end of last year, Roger began to create portraits using a new medium: legos. One of his very first pieces is of Michael Jordan constructed entirely out of lego pieces attached to a wood panel. To no surprise, both the price and value of a Roger J. Carter original has risen and will likely continue to do so. 



Isabelle Gougenheim

Isabelle Gougenheim artwork


In early December, artist Isabelle Gougenheim showcased a collection of canvas and garment artwork at the entrance level of the John Hancock building. The three day pop-up resulted in the majority of her entire collection selling out. If you’re a fan of abstract art, we highly recommend playing close attention to this multidisciplinary artist, especially while her artwork is still at a very approachable price point.


Liz Flores

Chicago artist Liz Flores


Heavily influenced by the female body and the everyday human experience, Liz Flores has undoubtedly climbed the charts as an independent artist. She’s exhibited in Chicago, Los Angeles, and been featured at the Elmhurst Art Museum. Closing out 2023, Flores collaborated with the Chicago Bulls and the Miracle Center, where her artwork was curated on an entire basketball court. 



Chicago artist E.LEE - Chicago art gallery

Eric Lee aka E.LEE (also featured on the cover image) is an artist we’ve had our eyes on for the past few years and we could not make this list without including him. The artist does a magnificent job of bringing flat images to life with the illusion of light, like this work above titled “The Medallion,” painted just this past year. 


Much of his work today is fueled from popular culture with hints of humor added in, reminding the viewer to enjoy life and don’t be afraid to smile. With a big personality reflected throughout his work today, it’s no wonder he has increasingly garnered attention. 



Armani Howard

Chicago artist Armani Howard


Armani Howard’s dreamlike artwork explores the preservation of identity, self-discovery, mental health, and the loss of innocence. In the Spring of 2023, the piece above, titled “FOURTH ASCENSION”, was featured at EXPO Chicago to thousands of art patrons. With representation by prominent art galleries, the demand for the artists work has grown tremendously. Keep a close watch as this talented young creative continues to develop his portfolio.


Jc Rivera

Chicago artist Jc Rivera, the Bear Champ - Chicago art gallery

If you’re a Chicago resident, you may likely already know this artist due to his omnipresence with a Bear Champ character on the streets of almost every neighborhood in the city.


Just months ago, Jc Rivera teamed up with Barstool Sports for one of his largest murals yet, coinciding with the launch of a new basketball court at Barstool's new location in the West Loop. The artist shows no sign of slowing down with a solo show already in the works for early March in the heart of downtown Chicago. Stay tuned for more on that at a later date.


Kayla Mahaffey

Kayla Mahaffey - Chicago art gallery


Finding an original Kayla Mahaffey painting has become a challenging task, due to the aggressive growth of the market for the artists work. With the powerful demand, prices for all mediums by Kayla have risen. The artist is a prime example of what can happen when you surround yourself with other talented creatives, like her colleague Max Sansing. Mahaffey's stunning work blurs the lines between reality, fiction, and pop culture. The use of bright colors in nearly every one of her creations evokes a strong emotion, and grasps attention.


Trip One

Chicago Artist - Trip One - Chicago art gallery

Trip One is arguably one of the most talented stencil artists in the Chicagoland area. Armed with spray paint and an exacto knife, the artist has created dozens of pop art inspired pieces that are now sitting in the homes of prominent art aficionados.


Trip also does all framing himself at his part studio, part woodworking shop. Halfway through 2023, the artist began creating a new series of work, exposing the skeleton structure of cartoon characters. We feel some of best creations are still yet to come. 


Matthew Hoffman

Matthew Hoffman Artwork


You may have already seen the work of Matthew Hoffman in the form of the phrase “You Are Beautiful”, which has been circulating the globe from the production of 9 million stickers and in over 100 permanently installed public works.


But the artist also creates other pieces, from large scale installations to smaller works for the home, all of which harbor a dialogue of positivity. In short, Hoffman is a powerhouse that has scaled his ideas into wine bottles, clothing, and larger than life displays that have captivated the hearts of so many. 


Arthur J. Williams Jr.

Arthur J. Williams Jr. artwork for sale - Chicago artist, Chicago art gallery


If anyone has a connection to currency art, it’s Arthur J. Williams Jr. who served a 7 year sentence for counterfeiting millions in hundred dollar bills. Now, a decade later, the Chicago native continues to push the boundaries of his portfolio. His new body of work features the 96 hundred dollar bill (the same note he once counterfeited) crumpled and shredded in a sculpturesque like display.


Since being released back into society, Arthur has received headlines from every media outlet imaginable, including a documentary from Vice. His work now fetches a five figure price tag with a long list of celebrity clientele. Williams embodies the ultimate comeback story and continues to rise in the art market today. 


Michael Coakes

Chicago photographer - Michael Coakes


Michael Coakes is a brilliant reminder of how far photography art can be pushed. His “Tissage” series was born through experimentation that resulted in the image of above. To capture this, Coakes took his camera and shot through a burlap sack. The outcome gives a feeling of vintage elegance.


Over the past year the artist compiled images throughout his career into a coffee table book titled “CHERCHEZ LA FEMME. Kudos to Michael for creating his own book. We can’t wait to see what else he comes up with this year. 



Jenny Vyas

Chicago artist Jenny Vyas


During the winter of 2023, Jenny Vyas collaborated with Soho House for a mural on the exterior of their West Loop location (a canvas version of the design is shown above). Shortly after she posted a video of the project on Instagram, it went viral with over 1 million views and is still trending to this day.


Not only did the artist's following grow but the demand for her work followed suit. Known for her elegant exhibitions that are often in collaboration with hotels and restaurants, you can anticipate some of the most lavish work yet from the artist appearing in her portfolio this year. 


Jason Farley

Jason Farley - Chicago art gallery


Artist Jason Farley took a surrealistic style that he developed 2 years ago and continued to push further with a solo exhibition that occurred downtown Chicago over the summer months. The artists attention to detail is second to none and it’s evident by the work he puts out that Farley continuously challenges himself.


His artwork currently hangs inside the homes of some of Chicago’s most successful entrepreneurs. On top of building his portfolio, last year Jason Farley completed some of his most intricate commission works to date.



Chicago Calligraffit artist Tubs


For the past decade Tubs has been one of the leading Chicago artists in the Calligraffiti genre. A style of work that blends calligraphy and graffiti together as one. He’s considered by many as one of the most prolific writers in the U.S. and his work has been collected by celebrities like Dj Khalid, Bad Bunny and many more. In 2023 Tubs collaborated with WNDR museum for an ambitious display of his collection. 



Samantha DeCarlo

Samatha DeCarlo - Chicago artist - Artist Replete 


Samatha DeCarlo’s relentless effort as a creative has made her an artistic force to be reckoned with. With a style she defines as “Magical Realism,” DeCarlo has found a harmonious balance of nature and beauty in the work she creates today.


The artist also has built a variety of work that welcomes both new and well versed collectors. From prints of wood, to originals made from oil paint, you can find a work by her at almost any price point. Artist Replete has been fan of Samantha's style for over a year now and we’ve only grown more fond of her palette as time has progressed. 


Eva Carlini

Chicago abstract artist Eva Carlini


Even if you’re not a fan of abstract artwork, Eva Carlini’s phenomenal paintings may likely open your eyes to the genre. Over the past year, Carlini has become one of the most favorable abstract painters in the Chicagoland area. Her use of playfully blending latex with acrylic has caught the attention of not just art collectors, but other notable artists. Be attentive of the work she produces throughout the coming months. 


Roco Drilo

Artist Roco Drilo - Chicago artist


Self taught artist Roco Drilo divides his artistic schedule between projects in Chicago and Mexico. This past year the artist created stunning mural work in the West Loop and Pilsen neighborhoods. In Mexico, Roco collaborated with Adidas to create branded artwork using his signature style for their stores. The artist defines his work as being being influenced by 80’s pop culture, comic books, graffiti and his Mexican roots. 



Morgan Nicolette

Chicago artist, Morgan Nicolette


With the unique ability of adhering wood cut outs to hand painted work on canvas, Morgan Nicolette has created a signature style, separating herself from the rest of pack. Over this past summer she achieved virality on social media with a video of her eccentric work capturing the eyes of nearly three million people. We foresee her layered creations sparking conversations of wonder and inspiration deep into the new year.  


That concludes this year's list of artists to know in 2024. If you have a favorite from the ones mentioned above or know of an artist that you think is worth highlighting, let us know in the comment section below.  


  • Symone

    Loved this list. Love your site- would also love to see features on Hailey Losselyong, Jessica Olinger and Fantasia Ariel!

  • Ronald Patrick

    That photo by Michael Coakes is so cool! Wow!

  • Brandon

    Daniel Eggert is also doing amazing things! He’s nominated for Best Visual Artist of 2023 in the Chicago Reader, and his work is just astounding!


  • Michael Rodriguez

    You guys really went to town on this list. Best one yet!

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