10 Chicago Artists To Look Out For In 2020

10 Chicago Artists To Look Out For In 2020

Featured photo captured by Ian Lundie

Last year a variety of Chicago artists pushed the boundaries within their individual styles. They didn’t just create better art, they made stronger business decisions. Due to having an amazing 2019, here’s a list of artists we feel will be having a powerful 2020. 


Anna Murphy

Chicago artist Anna Murphy


In November of 2019, Anna Murphy finished this breath taking mural, skyrocketing her name into the art market. Her modernized renaissance style has left viewers in awe, which is why she’s an artist to pay close attention to this year.



Chicago artist Czr Prz



Months ago Chicago street artist Caesar Perez collaborated with the Chicago Bears, creating a mural for their indoor turf field. He then produced artwork for the newest Terminator movie. These are some of the “biggest gigs” this creative has ever done in his multi-decade career. We’re looking forward to seeing what’s in store for him next.


David Heo

Chicago artist - David Heo



This previous year was by far the biggest for artist David Heo. His distinct style gained more attention than ever, and not just from collectors, but also from reputable galleries. This leads us to believe the market value for his work will continue to rise from the growing interest.


Dwight White



Dwight has one of the greatest come back stories we’ve ever heard from an artist. His focus mixed with determination lead him to a successful showing in art basel 2019. You can expect nothing but great things this year from this deeply creative individual.


Emmy Star Brown



Another point for the ladies! Just this past year alone, Chicago artist Emmy Star Brown collaborated brands like Lululemon and Mariano’s Fresh Market. Her luxurious abstract yet minimal style has become recognized in a big way. The recognition doesn’t seem to be slowing down in the least bit either.


Jenny Vyas

Chicago artist - Jenny Vyas


Artist Replete has been following this Chicago muralist for sometime now and her style just keeps evolving. Over the past few years, we’ve witnessed her drift out of her a signature monochrome style into vivid colorful imagery. More recently, she’s created stunning works of art for fine dining establishments like ROOH Chicago.


Louis Barak


Days before we released this article, internationally known Chef Grant Achatz made a special announcement. His michelin ranked restaurant, Next teamed up with Louis Barak for a heightened dining experience. Prior to the release of this news, Barak has kept a long line of tattoo clients eager for his stunning work. This year we’ve seen the artist create some dynamic canvas art and frankly we can’t wait until he releases more.


Louis De Guzman

Louis De Guzman - Chicago artist


To say that Louis De Guzman had an incredible year in 2019 would be a giant understatement. The artist went from local popularity to celebrity recognition from musical acts like J Balvin. If that wasn’t enough he joined forces with the creators of Spongebob and Modernica to develop a line of furniture. What does 2020 hold for the young creative?? We’re fairly certain at this point it will be something massive.


Max Sansing

Max Sansing - Chicago Street Art


The Chicago street art legend has created some jaw-dropping murals throughout the years. However, Max hasn’t even come close to reaching his peak. We recently spoke to the artist and found out he has some huge brand collaborations in store for 2020.





Last but not least is an artist who’s quietly climbed the ranks, Rawooh. Over the summer the Chicago native created the largest mural in the Pilsen neighborhood. Shortly after, he made a gorgeous piece for french hotel brand Sofitel. This year you can expect some stunning canvas work, digital creations, and mesmerizing street art from this brilliant mind.


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