10 Chicago Artists To Look Out For In 2023

10 Chicago Artists To Look Out For In 2023

List updated from 2020 


Last year a variety of Chicago artists pushed the boundaries within their individual styles. They didn’t just create better art, they made stronger business decisions. Due to having an amazing 2022, here’s a list of artists we feel will be having a powerful 2023. 


Ocar Joyo

10 Chicago Artists To Look Out For In 2023


Malawian born, Chicago based artist Oscar Joyo went from being local curated to nationally known. It's no coincidence because his work ethic, upbeat nature and creativity is unparalleled. Over the past few years he's made leaps and bounds in his creative career.



Jason Farley

10 Artists To Look Out For In 2023


In the Summer of 2022, Pilsen based artist Jason Farley began a stunning new series of work that blended portraiture with surrealism. He's since been evolving his jaw-dropping new collection on a monthly basis to an eager list of collectors. Stay updated by following the artists instagram



Arthur J. Williams Jr.

10 Chicago Artists To Look Out For In 2023


Chicago south-side native, Arthur J. Williams Jr. has one of the greatest comeback stories of all time. After spending years in jail for counterfeiting millions of dollars, he became reborn as an artist in 2015. Since his release, he's elevated his craft and relentlessly worked year after year.


In 2021-22 Arthur began displaying a series of multi-dimension pieces resembling crumpled hundred dollar bills. The series has been a hit among art investors, particularly those in the financial industry. Stay tuned as the artist plans for a solo show in the heart of downtown Chicago this summer. 





Van Dam One

10 Chicago Artists To Look Out For In 2023



Danny J. Martinez aka Van Dam One fuses together contemporary subjects that highlight both a universal and individual understanding of the world. His work is both thought provoking and boundless in nature. Most of his original work is still in an approachable price (under $2k) but that may not last. We see nothing but a bright future for him. 


Adonte Clark

10 Chicago Artists To Look Out For In 2023


Adonte Clark, an advocate for mental health, recently gave a lecture at the M.C.A. on Black Creativity. His style features hand painted double exposure creations on canvas that beautifully highlight the subconscious mind. 




10 Chicago Artists To Look Out For in 2023


Currently known as the one of the top Chicago muralists, Rawooh spent 2022 collaborating with brands like Sofitel Hotel, Home Run Inn and many others. His often dark but inspiring portraits have graced the city of Chicago and the artist doesn't appear to be slowing down any time soon. Keep a close watch as he elevates in 2023.




Emmy Star Brown

10 Chicago Artists To Look Out For In 2023



Chicago artist Emmy Star Brown finished 2022 off with her largest mural to date. A 200' x 36' visual landmark for the inner Chicago suburb of Lincolnwood. Each year we've witness her progressively improve her work both indoors and out. 


Jenny Vyas

10 Chicago Artists To Look Out For In 2023 - Jenny Vyas



Artist Replete has been following this Chicago muralist for sometime now and her style just keeps evolving. Over the past few years, we’ve witnessed her drift out of her a signature monochrome style into vivid colorful imagery. In May of 2022, the Thompson Hotel in Gold Coast purchased print work by Vyas for every single guest room. 




Samantha DeCarlo

10 Chicago Artists To Look Out For in 2023


Samantha DeCarlo's newest series, inspired heavily by nature, blends a bright landscape of flora and fauna. Painted mostly in oil, after transitioning from acrylic during the pandemic, DeCarlo took it upon herself to create work so detailed that it doesn't ask for attention, it demands it. 



Roger J. Carter

10 Chicago Artists To Look Out For In 2023 - Roger J. Carter


If you haven't heard of Roger J. Carter yet, then you're missing out. The artist bursted on to the scene in 2020 during the pandemic with a series of work as artistic form of protest. In March of 2023, the artist attended South by Southwest film festival for a featured documentary on his voyage into art. Roger's work is permanently on view at Pilsen Yards among many other high traffic areas. 



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