Take A Tour Of The Newest Exhibition Downtown Chicago Featuring All Local Talent

Chicago art exhibition - Rawooh, Jenny Vyas, Jason Farley, Samantha DeCarlo, Water Tower Place

On March 11th a show titled NOTHING IS AS IT SEEMS made its debut in the heart of downtown Chicago. Featuring only Chicago based talent, the show is a prime example of the brilliance of the creative community in the city. Participating artists include: Adonte Clark, Jason Farley, Jenny Vyas, Rawooh and Samantha DeCarlo. The exhibit features an array of canvas work, framed drawings, and a mural displaying the show's title. 


Lightly focused in the surrealism realm, the exhibit's theme brings its audience into a world of wonder through portraiture, double exposure pieces made from acrylic, highly detailed sketches, and edgy creations made entirely out of spray paint. Fine art mingles with street art in one room. 



NOTHING IS AS IT SEEMS will be on view until April 9th at The Water Tower Place, floor 2. The gallery's hours of operation are Thursday to Saturday from 1-6pm, with the exception of special events. On Saturday, March 18th, the exhibit will showcase live painting by Jason Farley from 6-8pm. Then, on Saturday, March 25th street artist Rawooh will follow suit, also painting live from 6-8pm. The exhibition is open to the public and free of charge. 


Although there is nothing quite like seeing a work of art in person, the exhibit can also be viewed virtually.

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